Your business activities description such as selling products or services

03-11-2014 12:23:53

More power for your business

Any business, that is a shop, a hotel or a restaurant always needs to get new clients

and improve customer relationship. Your business presence online is the only way to

compete on an equal footing in the market, but to be present is not to be visible.

Setup a business page for your visibility

Open your business page today for take the advantages of new social media era,

ecommerce it's in evolution and billion users over the world buy online and they

choices are influenced by social network.

Generate your contents such as photos,

videos, news and increase the customer attraction, you can also contextualize your

products and services offers thanks to the power of social like contents.

Content for social networks

Great breakfast

Sweet crossaint and cappuccino for your taste pleasure.

Nowadays it is not enough to make a website to be visible because it’s difficult to

maintain the position on the research engines, especially without social network

help. That’s why you need to publish contents to social platforms to increase the

visibility of your commercial offerings.

The contents are the basis of social network. Photos, videos and simple texts play

an important role in content sharing and in increasing search engine visibility.

More shares, more engagement and contextualization

Your contents need to be exported to the social media for have more shares, thanks

to our advertising concept you able to increase your sharing power on-demand. In

social network era the sharing it's the new advertising.

The top 10 advantages of open a SavelGo page

  1. Photos, videos and updates insertion;
  2. Attach products and services to photos, videos and updates;
  3. Automatically exports to the social medias of photos, updates and videos;
  4. Geolocation of your store;
  5. Orders management;
  6. Receive payments with your gateway such as PayPal;
  7. Realtime customer chat;
  8. Serve your customers in multiplatform (smartphone, tablet and pc);
  9. Receive comments and reviews of your products and services;
  10. SEO friendly pages.

The social context is the new marketplace

With your SavelGo page you can place your products and services in a social

environment, sell in the right context its meaning sell in the right time.