Getting Physical

12-02-2014 13:02:08

Over the last 10 years online shopping has gone completely crazy and in an attempt to lower costs, businesses have moved from the high street. This means that customers will pay considerably less for an item than they would have from the high street. This kind of trend has seen the closure of some well-known high street stores, but this does not mean that the high street is disappearing forever.

Online shopping provides ease and simplicity and a lot of companies are now offering same day delivery which is very enticing to those people who want to buy and received very quickly. However, not all stores are suited to the online world and there are some that rely on the try-before-you-buy rule which is why the digital companies that we once knew are now beginning to dip their toe into the waters of the high street.

The idea behind digital companies moving onto the high street is that they do believe there is still a market for it but they understand that things will have to change and businesses will have to adapt. While nothing is set in stone yet, these big online companies are certainly looking to see if it will work in their favour, and in some instances it has been a success.

The whole shape of commerce has changed incredibly over the past two decades and online shopping was once seen as ridiculous idea. Why would people shop online? Will shops survive? These questions were all asked and have in some way been answered. The difference being that the answers are not quietly changing and with some of the biggest names in the online world considering moving from their online world and into the real world proves that attitudes and thinking is changing. What this shows is how people still believe in real interaction and customers still like to try things before they buy, in the old fashioned way. Smaller items like books, Cds and even consumable are all still relatively suited to the online world but with larger more expensive items, seeing before buying can make the difference.

However, the move for these big companies is still some way off, but the interest they are showing is definitely something to whet the appetite, which could provide exciting times but it is funny how these things eventually come full circle.

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