How to personalize your customer's POS experience with Shoppi

30-01-2018 07:17:07
The result of this bright idea is that brick and mortar businesses will also be able to enjoy the power of personalization

In this time and age of the internet, e-commerce stores can always retarget their customers until they finally make the purchase. This means that if a prospective customer goes on Google to search for ways to use a Nike shoe, he would be tagged as interested in Nike products. Consequently, wherever this user goes, he sees Nike ads all over the place, and ultimately buys.

To the unsuspecting customer, he is first surprised at seeing related ads thrown at him. He wonders how the internet knows what he wants to buy. For those who know how the internet works, we know that this is the effect of personalization.

With personalization online retailers can take data they know about users and integrate it with the sales process. The end result is more successful sales. The power of personalization is so potent that it has seen fueled the effectiveness and success of the online marketplace.

Sadly, for a lot of businesses that do not have online stores, they do not have a way to personalize their service. What these businesses hope for is that the shopper takes interest enough in their goods to buy it. There is no specific way to target the customer before he makes the purchase. All these businesses can really do to attract prospects is to put a big signboard and hope it interests people enough to pay the store a visit.

Well, this problem with online stores persisted until a bright idea lit up in someone’s mind. The result of this bright idea is that brick and mortar businesses would also be able to enjoy the power of personalization. The way this will happen would be through an often neglected part of the sales process – the POS.

The POS machine gives businesses the perfect opportunity to interact with customers and collect vital information. Ways to personalize the POS experience include the use of advertising on POS terminals, card-linked opportunities, and points programs.

Currently, next generation POS apps open up new opportunities to personalize the sales process. With these POS apps, merchants can carry out inventory reporting and use timecards. These apps also support the customer by giving personalized offers/coupons, loyalty programs, and charity opportunities.

A customer who sees his name on the payment terminal, with an offer to buy his favorite drink at half the price will feel so endeared to the brand. After all, you are showing that you went through extra pains to get more information on him. He is not only going to leave the store a happier customer, but is likely to come back with friends and family. After all, everyone loves to get special personalized treatments.

All this sounds nice and interesting, like something that came out of a futuristic movie. Fortunately, this is not the case. The technology to personalize the POS experience is very much available for use by interested businesses. For offline companies to survive the onslaught of online retailers, they need to evolve along with society.

Failure to adapt to changing conditions will ultimately mean that consumers would leave and go for better options. Nothing symbolizes the survival of the fittest more than the business world. Businesses who fail or are unable to adapt to the changing business environment are ultimately doomed to a date in bankruptcy court.

Thankfully, a lot of businesses understand the importance of personalization and its positive impact on their operations. A 2016 Gartner and RIS News Survey revealed that the top 10 investments in retail technology involved getting to understand customers better.

Also, about 89% of marketers expect that the unique customer experience from a company will be an ultimate differentiator between businesses and their competition.

However, recognizing the fact that there is a need for personalization of the customer experience is not enough, businesses need to take action.

Fortunately, the best solution to help businesses personalize the POS experience is Shoppi. Shoppi is able to help your business personalize the final phase of the sales process by utilizing mountains of data, AI and machine learning.

In essence, Shoppi acts as the convergence of the characteristics of online personalization and offline in-store sales. With Shoppi, you get to make your customers feel special, and they are sure to reward you by spending more, ultimately increasing your ROI.

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