The Best Key Lime Pie in Florida

28-06-2021 08:40:06

You haven’t experienced everything that Florida has to offer if you haven’t sampled a slice of its signature local food, the key lime pie. The delicious dessert is a must for things to try in Florida. Learn more about this signature dish and where to go for the best-tasting slices.

What is a key Lime?

A key lime, Mexican lime, or West Indies lime is a hybrid citrus fruit grown in Florida Keys. They are about one to two inches in diameter and most often picked while green and turn yellow as they ripen. Key limes were first introduced to the Florida Keys in the 1830s by diplomat and botanist Henry Perrine.

Key limes have a high acidity which makes them tarter than regular limes. This distinctive tartness makes the key lime a perfect matchup with the sweet ingredients used in key lime pie recipes.

While key limes grow all year round in Mexico, they only grow between June and September in Florida and California.

Where To Get the Best Key Lime Pie in Florida

You can find key lime pie on just about every local dessert menu around Florida, but these local food places offer the best dining experiences for Florida’s favorite dessert.

The Square Grouper

You will find The Square Grouper on mile marker 22.5 on Cudjoe Key. The Square Grouper offers a wide selection of gourmet seafood in a relatively quiet, relaxed setting. The name is derived from the drug-running era of the 1980s when you could find bales of marijuana floating off the coast. It might be difficult, but make sure you leave some room after your seafood gourmet dinner for a slice of their famous key lime pie.

Parrot Island Grill

Just south of Highway 70 stands the Parrot Island Grill, a seafood and steakhouse decked out with ocean-themed decor, artful driftwood accents, and live music on an outdoor patio. Enjoy your burger or seafood dinner, followed by a delicious key lime pie.

Key West Key Lime Pie Company Delivery Service

If you would rather not head out, you can still get your fill of key lime pie by ordering in. The Key Lime Pie Company has an award-winning pie recipe and delivers nationwide. Every pie is made from scratch from a 100-year-old recipe using only the freshest all-natural ingredients.

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