The Internet is Broken: Part 2

19-06-2017 13:31:54

As the internet keeps changing to address this catastrophe that has hit the online video platform and content creators platform the traditional online sector is not left out. Online retailers to make sales must take their advertising and marketing strategy to the social media where their target audience spend most of their time. The pricing range for advertising on these social networks can range from thirty dollars to thousands of dollars a month. Even after paying this huge amount of money the Return on Investment is not guaranteed. Since the social media charge money for increasing the reach of retailers online “the internet is broken” as online retailers now struggle to find a sales channel for their products and services. The trend has always been that to make or increase sales online retailers and businesses must partake in online advertising. However due to expensive pricing and no guarantee on Return on Investment in online advertising, online retailers are constantly looking for a place of “peace” to put their products and reach its audience; that’s why Shoppi is a holy grail to online businesses looking for where to put their products and reach its audience without blowing their marketing budget.

Shoppi is an innovative mobile commerce platform that gives the users the privilege to make sales to and mesh with a mobile, on-the-go audience. It also runs the operation of ‘point of sale’ software allowing you to accept face to face payment through in-store hardware. You can gain access to its variety of active shoppers without any further provisions for further SEO or marketing budgets. Shoppi Marketplace allows you to engage with your audience via multimedia content such as Videos, blogs and images thereby breaking out from traditional online shopping. It keeps a centralised storage of all sales, traffic and other important data and shows to you inform of infographics, for you to have a simplified and vital insight into your business. Shoppi allows you to import your catalogue so as to update your product catalogue in real time, it allows you to use multimedia like pictures, videos and blogs to engage your audience, it gives you control over the users who visits your storefront by interests (using keywords) and by cities, languages and gender and it improves your sales by allowing you access its active mobile shoppers. Shoppi offers brands conversion rates through its app that has about one hundred and fifteen million users. With Shoppi brands can draw quality mobile traffic to their storefront without any additional cost. As the cost of advertising online on social media continues to serve as a barrier to online brands, they must continue seeking for new sales channels where they can place their products and services; to reach their target audience and make their sales without blowing their marketing budgets they have recourse to Shoppi network which has no alternative.

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