F-commerce aka Facebook commerce has failed, why?

30-09-2013 09:36:27

Fcommerce has failed. It is basically dead. A number of Ecommerce companies have thrown in the towel. Thousands of companies have not even thought about Fcommerce just because of a popular adage People do not come to Facebook with the intent to shop.

Though Facebook has set high expectations for the bandwagon in Ecommerce, the results are not favorable to the brands that jumped into this trend to maximise their profits. Let us see where Facebook missed the mark:

Making the marketplace complex

Facebook wants users to complete the payment process via their own checkout system. Since most of the other checkout systems are not configured with Facebook registration as a common login, customers are going to have to put up with several logins for payment information and delivery. It is a frustrating process and there is no wonder why consumers want to go out of Facebook in search of other alternatives where this process is less tedious and more streamlined.

Not All are Equal

It is not a place where every brand has a equal chance to be successful. Big retail brands that pulled out from the Fcommerce front argue that they had no option but to leave just because they could not set sights at a rosy future. Their claims seem to be real. In fact, sports stars and artists such as NBA, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga dominate the top 50 popular Fcommerce shops, and retail brands seem to be lagging behind in the race.F-Commerce is Not the Right Forum

Brands have got to accept that consumers are not responsive to a sales pitch, in a place where they are actually trying to relax. When was the last you saw an insurance broker doing rock and roll in the bar, and then turning around to sell their products? The idea to replicate ecommerce sites with Fcommerce is surely not the right way to generate revenue with Facebook.

Brands Look At It Differently

Yes. Brands simply regard Fcommerce as yet another digital avenue to sell products. Looking at the way Fcommerce has failed; one can confidently say that top brands did not want to consider it as a platform where they can design user experiences, which is in line with what customers want/need, given the nature of relationships that describe the social network.

Fcommerce has failed because it could not be anything more than a mere extension of a brans web presence.

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