Is it possible to sell something in a party?

03-10-2013 10:57:21

Home selling parties were all the rage at one point of time. They were out of fashion. Parties were just for just pleasure. It was hard to sell something in a party or get-together where people try to relax or do anything but buy. Nobody found it easy. But things have changed. Thanks to the difficult economic climate, these parties are now the event to go for everything there is- from skincare items to vintage clothes.

Let us face it. Is it possible to sell something in a party? How is it possible to sell things no one would care to look at, when they are enjoying the party? Do people buy at all?

The answer is yes.

In this internet age where bargains and deals have almost become indispensable, people still consider the social aspect of getting together at home shopping parties. Some people want to go out to such parties. They like the idea of buying things from cookware to jewellery from such parties. On the other hand, there are people who don't want to come across churlish. They would rather accept the invitation to such gatherings and choose not to buy when they get to that part of the evening where the host screams out who would want to order this.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of a business to work things out with the host or the hostess.

Check out these tips. You never know they might drive your sales up.

  • Whatever it is you are selling, work out an action plan to increase your sales.
  • Set goals for the party and provide the hosts with enough invitations.
  • On the party day, display your products and ask some of your customers to share their experiences with the audience. If possible, give a demonstration.
  • Check the pulse of the audience, and wait for the right time to pass the order forms.
  • Be organized and patient. Those who really like your product will buy it.People still show enthusiasm in buying products or things during such parties. The main reason people like home parties and village shops is due to the chitchat and friendship. People, who love parties, do not say no to products sold to them, if they like it. In fact, these people still think it is pretty cool going back to this way of shopping, where selling things is just not the only motive like retail stores. It is all about the people sitting around, the theme of the party.

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