Filling the Gap: What Stands Between You and the Brands You Use?

05-09-2017 12:36:35

Usually, the answer isn’t convenience.

We’re in a generation of reviews, direct recommendations from friends, and being super-specific with our needs. Because, let’s face it – technology has caught up. Millennials know better than anyone that the more social media presence a company has, the more they will only continue to grow – and the more we’ll be seeing them on our news feeds.

Online retailers are trying as hard as they can to promote sales on the most commonly used social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and have been doing this for years. Signing up for any of these sites at all implies knowing the unwritten contract: we put up with ads and complain little in return. The problem is when the ads don’t even seem to cater to our needs.

Shopping is now social, and it’s a good thing…

…But it needs to be done well. Our newsfeeds are already clouded up with ads that are sometimes not only unwanted, but also completely irrelevant to the brands we might normally go for. So, if we’re going to see brands flash sales ads between friends’ statuses, why not have them be the brands we’re actually interested in?

That’s when SavelGo is the answer – the aforementioned problem is something we all deal with, but now we have the tools to make shopping an all-around better experience (and usually that’s just a question of sifting through what you don’t want to see, to find what you do). The SavelGo Smartfeed is different for this reason. It helps keep searches focused, detailed, and specific to our needs.

The best part of all, though, is that we, as consumers, are now connected with the brand.

Everything is a customizable shopping experience, and that includes setting radar alerts for individual products as well as brand sales, and being able to see what everyone else as said about the product – basically, it is all-encompassing shopping experience, and in the best way. Don’t bother going through several sites to find reviews on a single product, and learn from others how to be a better shopper. Shopping becomes not only more focused and enjoyable, but an actually productive and efficient experience.

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