Don’t Ditch the Smartphone: Turning Surviving into Thriving

29-06-2016 03:28:41

It is a battle that many dying businesses are losing the hard way to trendy, new startups: whether or not to involve your brand with your phone. Choosing to keep your brand modern implies something many experienced businesspeople are afraid of - diving in head-first into the app pool to figure out which programs are the best for your brand. The sheer number of apps out there is overwhelming, so it’s not a decision to be made hastily either. But these startups have figured it out – for businesses to be successful, they must always be accessible, and as mobile as their customers. Filling this gap between consumers and the businesses they use is essential to keep the industry thriving – and leaving customers as happy as possible.

Don’t Underestimate Your Loyal Followers

Although you might be focused on bringing in new customers (as you should be), don’t forget about your old ones, as they can be the missing link between your brand and new, diverse networks. Don’t forget why your current customer base exists – these people genuinely love (or need) what you’re selling. Many successful companies, including Starbucks, might recommend a reward system for customer activity and referrals, but remember that referral programs, although sometimes effective, are not instant. Being on your phone and clicking a button is.

It’s generally agreed upon now that most people tend to spend too much time on their phones. Use this to your advantage. This kind of habitual phone-checking that has become both accepted and engrained into the millennial brain is exactly what your brand needs, especially since social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have proven to be so useful (depending on your industry). Use analytics to figure out where else your fans shop – and target those markets too. Like any other web, you’ll need a lot of connections to keep its power strong.

Loyal fans are the best people to rely on, since they’re the ones that have been using your service or products from the start. When folks are already used to buying clothes at the same store, or buying their coffee from the same shops, adding them the ability to pay with their mobile device just makes them personally endorse the brand that much more – and, more likely to refer the brand to their friends. The point is this: by having a mobile presence, a company can only benefit.