How Amazon Is Monopolizing Commerce & What That Means For Local Businesses

17-10-2017 12:57:50

The Internet, Amazon, and ever-changing digital technology have forever changed the way we shop. With no brick and mortar retail locations, Amazon has managed to become the Walmart of the Internet, blazing over everything in its path, including brick and mortar retailers. While many business owners and consumers place the reason for Amazon’s success on its low prices, there’s far more to the story than that. Amazon has positioned itself to take an orderly methodical approach to consumer purchases. It has everything from name recognition to visual appeal to customer relationship systems to upselling systems to feedback and follow up.

Amazon’s online success has led many of its competitors to join its ranks in an effort to piggyback on its success. Many small businesses, sole proprietorships, and entrepreneurs have tried to compete with Amazon and carve out their own corner of the ecommerce and retail world. Unfortunately, far too many of these companies compete on price, alone. While creating value for your target market is tantamount, that does not – and should not – mean competing solely based on price point. Both product and service based businesses must learn to use systems and online tools to drive local success and revive their struggling enterprises.

The truth is that no business, retail or otherwise, shuts its doors because of a single competitor – not even if that competitor is a behemoth like Amazon. Instead, businesses usually fail because of internal faults and flaws. That’s where Shoppi comes in. We use our skills, experience, and industry knowledge to support top-notch businesses by showing you how to empower every step of your customer journey from the first look to the final purchase.

In fact, that company-wide empowerment is our singular business goal. That commitment comes from seeing the disruption Amazon has made in the ecommerce world and the frustration of seeing sustainable businesses buckle under Amazon’s pressure. Shoppi is not an overnight fix, but it’s the next best thing. We use a proven system of personalization, brand recognition, content driven, and customer-centered approaches to create the visual approach your target market will respond to.

Using Shoppi, you’ll learn to:

  • Create consumer awareness of your products and services
  • Increase profitable customer actions
  • Segment your customer base by interests, location and gender
  • Gain access to a wealth of active shoppers
  • Create meaningful audience engagement
  • Grab audience attention with videos and blogs
  • Streamline your sales process

Contact Shoppi today and put our system to work. We'll help your company raise more interest about your products and services by showing your website visitors compelling visual content. At Shoppi, you don’t have to fight for business by offering the cheap prices anymore. Instead, you’ll clearly communicate quality and product value, and put the power of the Internet to work identifying and reaching local consumers. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, we’ll show you exactly how to give them an in-store experience that will keep them walking through your brick and mortar and online doors over and over, again. Start selling with Shoppi and start watching your customer base grow, and your profits take off!

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