gTLDs- New Domains

27-08-2014 13:12:56

For many businesses it is now more difficult than ever to find a domain that suits their business but now things are changing and this is because hundreds of new domain extensions are being created to increase choice and improve recognition for businesses. This will give businesses, unique and innovative names that are catchy and memorable. With these new domains it means that they are targeted to the services of the business and this makes a business more transparent so that people are more aware of what it is that the business does.

The new domains can help businesses stand out from the competition and this can help to improve sales and traffic and it explains to the whole world what the business is all about, from the service to products sold, it paints an image of the business and that can only be a good thing. The domain is shortened and more to the point which can help influence customers but also make the business more visible.

Once the domain has been set up it can then be linked to a Shoppi account and this is where the business can really benefit from a unique and more improved domain name. The Shoppi account will help to increase traffic to the site as the Shoppi page is link directly to the new domain. This makes it easier to reach out to new customers as they will have access to products and services in one place that has a simple and friendly interface. The advantage of using Shoppi is that it does all the hard work for a low cost.

Social Media is a huge influence on the success of a business and a Shoppi page offers features that will enable a business to receive and process orders instantly. There is also the potential to update the business Facebook page ensuring that it is constantly up to date and offers the latest news, products and features that the business has.

What Shoppi gives a business is an opportunity of promoting the business in one place, where the Shoppi webpage becomes the place for customers to go to find everything that the need. The whole experience of visiting the Shoppi webpage is an enjoyable one that makes shopping online easy but it offers a higher level of exposure and a wider audience which can only mean one thing- an increase in sales.

With a new catchy domain name that pinpoints exactly what the business does along with Shoppi page that works in the way that it needs to for the purpose of the business it is easy to see how the two go hand in hand when it comes to improving the way a business is perceived.

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