e-Commerce and Pop-Up Stores: a powerful duo

03-02-2018 12:25:43

There's this huge buzz about pop-ups, I'm talking about pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants, and pop-up surveys; all are ranging from sensitive products to services. Now, a pop-up is a type of a business that just pops up at a place, at a random date and sells random things; and it is usually a temporary affair. Well, not everything is so random anymore. Just like any other business, the bottom line here is taking advantage of the consumer’s weaknesses. In this case, the weakness is impulse buying.

These days, pop-up experts engage in a lot of planning before they set up their temporary business anywhere. Think about it; if you haven't done any research on the place you're going to sell your products at, chances are you won't get even half the profit you deserve to get. To level this issue out, awareness is an important tool to push this pop-up business to the next level. And again, not everything is so temporary anymore; you might want to keep connected to your temporary audience once your Pop-Up is closed. Shoppi can help in raising the awareness and keeping in contact with customers via its mobile advertising and social marketplace. Check out how to start your free account today.

There are about a gazillion ways of advertising a product or a service; you could do posters, banners, alerts, etc. But we need to consider the spontaneous nature of pop-ups, I mean you can’t plan a single pop-up for more than a month, it loses its purpose. The best way to get the word out is through the internet, that is online marketing. We all know how news spreads like wildfire via the internet. It is a very effective advertising tool regarding time, consumer-bias, and cost. Here's an example; if you're planning to set a tattoo pop-up and you use Shoppi App since you can select the target by sex, interests and location, you can quickly reach your ideal consumers (in this case mostly the younger population). The platform will do the marketing for you by showing it on your potential costumers feed. Once you get the momentum going, the next thing the digital platform do for you gets you more followers; this is another marketing strategy but for your future products.

If we choose to look at pop-ups as events, the picture becomes clearer. You will advertise your product; you will also mention the location of the "event" and the price of your commodity. By the time you arrive for your show, your fans are already waiting for you, and you sell out. You also get the feedback from different locations and different demographic representatives. This will help you plan your next move on factors like improving the quality of the product, reducing the price, changing your target market or simply doing away with the product. And hey, we are in the digital era where everything is controlled by just one tap, it’s only fair if we came up to speed.

So the idea here is to start advertising your product once you’re ready to start selling your products, but what if you did the other way round? You can first start setting-up your store at Shoppi, build up your digital fan base, get loyal online customers and secure a place in the market. This way, when you do need to advertise your intentions of doing a pop-up, no one will go like who on earth is that? It’s another scenario for your consumers looking for you, not you looking for them.

Now while marketing is key, you should be thoroughly strategic, though it gets easier with an online store. You just have to get the word out to as many people as possible. Taking these steps might only guarantee you a pop-up success;

Generate an online buzz; create contents, share them through Shoppi with your customers and reach as many consumers as possible. You can also use our advertising tools is reasonably cheap and powerful. Once the event is up and going, do not stop there. Actively put up selfies and photos of the promotions in your Shoppi page so that the nearby potential customers get a sniff of the goodies. Once the event is over, do not burn the bridges. Keep contact with interested consumers, I mean you need them for your next pop-up. So start to keep them update creating engageable contents and get ahead of your game.

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