Shoppi App: the one-stop-shop

01-08-2017 15:48:09

The manner in which shopping is done is changing largely propelled by new innovations and Nike is trying to seize the trend. Shopping apps are largely being adopted by brands. Nike has launched Nike+ app which is a new addition to its line of Nike+ software. The Nike+ app focuses on personalized shopping experience which is similar to Apple’s Apple Store app. The new app will integrate Nike’s previously existing Nike+ Running and Nike+ Training Club apps. Nike+ app is being billed as ‘information- centered hub for Nike’s mobile software world. Basically, the Nike+ app will have three main tabs: stories-this will have training tips, product releases and will become more personalized as people continue to use it. The second tab is ‘My Store tab’ which lets users purchase Nike products from within the app. The ‘Services tab’ guides users to the nearest physical Nike store and even let them book a 1:1 product reservation. Therefore even if this new product by Nike is a step in the right direction, one problem still persists as to whether customers are willing to have 20 apps for different brands in one phone. This is because other brands are increasingly launching apps that offer personalized customer experiences. As more companies go the Nike way, there is the problem of having in-house resources to create a personalized app. In-house personalized apps are likely to miss the point that customers are not willing to have 20 apps for different brands. Therefore even if the customized app meets the customer needs, users may be forced to make a hard choice on which apps to use.

In house customized apps may also lack industry knowledge about the need to connect to other apps in order to make it seamless for customers to undertake shopping under ‘one-roof’ within the same app. Consequently, although the in-house developed app could work, it could be rendered defunct within a short period of time. Furthermore, recent studies by Research Centre show that despite the fact that customers have more apps on their phones, 46% only use 1-5 apps every week. In addition, AppsFlyer research showed that 29.1% of apps downloaded were retained for only a day. On average, 45% of consumers spend time on a single favorite app. Therefore it is important for retail brands developing apps to understand their customers. With the rise of artificial intelligence and chatbots, retailers will need to develop apps that communicate via other apps in order to reduce the number of apps a consumer can download.

The trend in future points to a scenario whereby customers want to undertake all their retail shopping in one app that is personalized. Already, the market has a shopping app that is personalized and offers customers wide range products all within one app. Shoppi App personalizes shopping journey for customers so as to provide the best content that matches the individual shopper personality. With Shoppi App, you don’t have to have 20 apps in your phone. It allows for interactions with other shoppers to get best deals and integrates social aspect of shopping which is the closest thing to traditional shopping whereby consumers want to interact with other consumers. Shoppi App allows users to sync social media Facebook and Twitter and monetize the engagement. Therefore instead of having many apps in your phone, Shoppi App becomes the one-stop-shop for all the shopping experience that is seamless and increases shopper experience.

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