Say goodbye to spending time looking up reviews before buying something and say hello to Shoppi, the first social commerce

24-11-2013 16:34:05

Say goodbye to spending time looking up reviews before buying something and say hello to Shoppi, the first social commerce site.

Shoppi is the first socially networked online shopping site that provides online shoppers with a social buying experience - uniting consumers and great deals on one platform.

The Benefits

By mixing the concepts of social networking and e-commerce, Shoppi enables social shopping - shoppers can review their purchases for others to see and consequently base their purchasing decisions on fellow consumer experiences. This concept of social buying enables both shoppers to make good purchasing choices and companies, to be rewarded for providing a good service.

From a company's perspective, it is an ideal stream through which to promote services and products and the range of social and business management tools enables them to manage their Shoppi page easily. Sites like Groupon are popular for offering exclusive deals but, through the wider net that can be cast over consumers through this social commerce site, companies can ensure that their exclusive deals are seen by a much larger set of potential consumers.

The Vision

The concept of ecommerce has been around for a while as has social networking. Shoppi has taken the best of both worlds and developed a social commerce platform.

The vision is for there to no longer be queues for your checkout and where you will no longer have any issues with your purchases (Salvatore Vacante, CEO).

Isn't that the mission of all ecommerce sites?

Yes, but Shoppi gives the shopper more power because you will be able to shape the market and decide which products and services are the best.

Signing up is easy

Signing up is as easy as entering your email on the homepage and clicking the ‘sign up’ button. Immediately you see a list of shoppers and images of what they have bought today. The fact that the images are ones that shoppers have taken themselves instantly breeds trust.

Exploring is easy

When you click on an image of an item, any comments from the buyer as well as comments from others too are displayed. It is this that essentially tips the balance from a social networking site into a social shopping site.

Through the left hand side of the page, you can see news by default but with one click, also see your orders, explore online stores and view any messages. On the right hand side you can see various offers Shoppi- from different online shops.

Shopping is easy

By clicking on the Explore icon from the left side of your homepage, you see a displayed list of new stores around you. Each company is represented by their logo and staying true to the social commerce ethos, the logo is displayed with a star rating.

Unfortunately you cannot easily see how many people voted towards the star rating or why a company may have the rating that they do but, when you click on a company icon, you are directed to a one page summary of what the company provides alongside useful links that the company has chosen to share.

Although this idea of social commerce has been toyed with in the past, Shoppi is the first of its kind that fully integrates the marketing and communication benefits of social networking, with the convenience and money-saving options that e-commerce offers.

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