Marketing 3.0 - Consumers are people

24-02-2014 13:12:48

Marketing has evolved over the years and this has been seen through three stages which are knows as Marketing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The marketers of today still use the older stage of Marketing 1.0, some still use Marketing 2.0 and although small in numbers, some are moving to 3.0. Marketing 3.0 is seen to be the one that will offer the most opportunities to those who decide to use it.

The original Marketing 1.0, which was used many years ago was used to serve a large market, this was to have the lowest costs which would make them more affordable to those who wanted to purchase.

Marketing 2.0 was seen to be used more in the era where Information Technology was used. This means that marketing is not as easy as it once was, and customers are now more informed meaning they are are now able to really make a direct choice. This has resulted in the marketer having to really hit a certain market with a product that really stands out. What this has meant is that consumers are now better off as they are now able to find exactly what they want as the ranges are larger and prices are competitive.

Marketing 3.0 is now starting to gain momentum and this is resulting in a new and different approach. People are no longer seen as consumers but they are now looked at as being more rounded. People want more and consumers do all they can to find the products and ideals that will fulfil their every need ranging from Social, economic and environmental needs. Products now mean more to them than ever, which is why become emotionally attached to the product that they choose and use.

In a similar way that Marketing 2.0 eased the consumers needs, Marketing 3.0 is also doing the same. The difference being that those companies using Marketing 3.0 now have a different goal and want to address many different social problems. With Marketing 3.0 really treating consumers as human beings, it really does becomes an emotional form of marketing.