The Future of In-app Ads

16-08-2016 04:06:39

With the rapid development of technologies and smartphones, there is no wonder why mobile advertising is gaining popularity and the industry itself keeps growing. First of all, in-app advertising offers a better way to reach the target audience and capture customers’ attention. 84% of the time on smartphones users spend in various apps, this is very important for brands, marketers, and advertisers taking into account how much time people spend on their smartphones.

It works!

One of the reasons why in-app advertising works is that smartphones provide data about the current location of its users. For distribution of advertising, such information like weather, local events, and demographics helps to create a suitable content and to find the right audience for the message. Geo-targeting is a great possibility for in-app advertising, and having access to the data all over the ecosystem drives marketer’s ability to be highly targeted. Single identifiers provided by Google and Apple make tracking customers’ interests and preferences much better. Collected information on users’ behavior, what apps were downloaded by this particular user and what he/she likes to do, becomes a powerful data for advertisers.

What type to choose?

In-app ads appeared not that long ago but there are already numerous types of it from banners at the top or bottom to auto-play videos. It is hard to say which of them works better. For instance, videos may be helpful for a brand that has no recognition yet, as far as they visually illustrate what brand is doing. The professionals in advertising usually recommend to conduct experiments, try all the possible formats and make a conclusion what is better for you, which one brings you more customers. The important points are the relevance of the ad to the user and presentation of it in a non-invasive manner.

Another ad type, which is considered as one of the most profitable and at the same time expensive is in-feed ad provided by social networks.

According to forecasts, in the nearest future there will be growth of display and video formats of in-app ads but social-media/native ads will be still the most profitable.

Mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats in the world. Every year software development companies, like Magora, develop thousands of applications which altogether embrace all the spheres of human activities and give advertisers new opportunities and new business areas. Initially, there was a gap between the time people spend on their smartphones, which is pretty big, and the amount of investment in in-app advertising, which was small. But now it is narrowing as targeting improves and the platform is used more effectively.

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