The importance of optimizing e-Commerce websites

16-03-2013 11:09:50

Important SEO and internet marketing tips for ecommerce sites

It is never easy to carry out SEO and marketing with the intention of helping a firm with its ecommerce objectives. The main challenge is need by marketing department to develop proper systems in which they can use SEO techniques to attract more clients and traffic into their business or company. Here are some important tips from the experts:

  • Enhance user experience As long as the user experience is of top quality and properly enhanced, the chances of the business enjoying success with its marketing will be very high. Companies must find ways in which they convert visitors into clients.
  • Check link structure - The structure of the link needs to be given much attention if a company’s ecommerce exercise is to be successful. The use of SEO friendly URLs is highly recommended. They must contain keywords and phrases as well as content which are appropriate for the category or product in which the business operates under. Your home page needs to be linked directly to the products and services sold by your business, or those which are highly popular with clients. Where there are broken links and URLs, they should be eliminated using tools which are designed for this purpose.
  • Onpage optimization - The on-page optimization is important to help boost the ecommerce activities. Page titles should be focused, compelling, and targeted at particular groups of people or clients. The use of singular words or nouns is better off when used while marketing. You need to perform deeper research to find out the current trend within your industry. The use of manufacturer product descriptions which are generic in nature is a practice that has to be avoided. The best selling products in your website need to be described well.
  • Use a mixture of paid advertisements - Pay Per Click is important when used as an integral part of SEO and Internet marketing. It plays a crucial role in ecommerce. However, it should not be the only feature a company chooses to rely on. While it is important that Pay Per Click is not ignored, it needs to be accompanied by other practices as well. The problem with this tool is that the moment the company stops to pay for the placement, rankings get shattered. The use of SEO must accompany Pay Per Click as the combined efforts of the two features will help a company develop a stable online presence to boost its ecommerce activities.
  • Regular upgrading - The ecommerce site needs to be regularly updated through the addition of unique content. The content used on the website must be given a lot of attention and quality has to be stressed at all times. The content need to be closely related with the products you stock or sell. This requires the use of keywords and phrases which help to attract more online traffic into your website and then you can convert them into sales.
  • Mobile responsive designs There is nothing as important as having a mobile responsive design these days. Your ecommerce website should either have a responsive version for mobile phones, or a design that is appealing to both target market. In a year or two, research has shown that mobile purchases could outcross desktop purchases.

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