Benefits of Mobile Marketing

29-02-2016 10:28:41

Mobile marketing has become a useful tool for the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in today’s era. Instead of following the traditional means of marketing that involve a higher cost and offers lower degree of convenience, mobile marketing is regarded as the “the next big thing”. It has not only assisted marketers but also created a completely new demand for replacing conventional computers with smart phones and tablets for the purpose of marketing. Statistics suggest that 46% of US smart phone users access social media through their mobile devices, either to post photos, videos or generally to buy items online, depicting the potential of mobile marketing for organizations.

A recent survey highlighted the fact that email marketing is still a very popular and responsive means of connecting with the consumers. The increased usage of mobile has made it easier for the organizations to connect with the potential customers effectively. Moreover, passing years has shown that more individuals are using smart phones as a medium to access websites to read articles or shop online. Therefore, mobile advertising is an effective tool reach larger audience.

Most of the mobile users keep their phones with them all the time and are always connected to the internet. This indicates that the messages that are sensitive to time can be easily accessed by the audience without any delay; e.g. advertisements about sales or special events are time sensitive. No other advertising tools offers a continuous advantage of this sort where the audience is available around the clock.

Marketers are always expected to increase the response of the consumers with lower costs. Mobile advertising is one of the cheapest ways to reach a large number of audiences. Business can use repeat messages or send newly composed messages as reminders to their consumers as to what are they offering. This could be decided only through the marketing budget allotted for mobile marketing. Another effective way of marketing is through mobile ads, thus mobile marketing can be used before moving on to the expensive forms of marketing. It also allows the organizations to connect with the users who are interested to receive promotional offers and advertisement related to specific brands or products, thus improving the ability of the marketers to target the relevant market.

Furthermore, mobile advertising could be used to create intimacy with the consumer. That is it could be used as strong medium for customer relationship. The tone of message could be used to maintain a sense of friendliness and at the same time offering them new products. The possibility of two way communication adds another advantage to the mobile marketing process, providing the recipient of the marketing message with the opportunity to connect with the company. The concept of mobile marketing has also gained momentum because it carries the ease of analyzing the results of the marketing campaign.

All in all, it can be concluded that even though mobile marketing is a novice tool, it has the potential to offer significant benefit to different organizations, specifically, SMEs.